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January 12, 2012
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Aurora Texture Pack for Minecraft by NickPolyarush Aurora Texture Pack for Minecraft by NickPolyarush
Aurora™ Texture Pack for Minecraft [MIXED 128/256x] [v1.5x]


Since I no longer play Minecraft I will no longer update this texture pack and all other related texture mods.

Supports Minecraft 1.5x

1.5 Changelog:
Added Minecraft 1.5x support
Improved Snow texture
Improved Ice texture
Improved Grass texture
Improved Flower Pot texture
Improved Fern texture
Improved Tall Grass texture
Improved Yellow Flower texture
Improved Red Flower texture
Improved Bush texture
Improved Vines texture
Improved AirCon texture
Improved Airvent texture
Improved Sand texture
Improved Wooden Planks texture
Improved Glass texture
Improved Stone Slab texture
Improved Saplings textures (all)
Improved Sign texture
Improved Explosion effect
Redesigned Repeater texture
Redesigned Furnace texture (modern style)
Redesigned Cauldron texture (modern style)
Redesigned Dispenser texture (modern style)
Redesigned Dropper texture (modern style)
Changed Mycelium block to Grass block with dandelions
Changed Mossy Stonebrick block to Sand Road
Changed Cracked Stonebrick block to Decorated Pavement
Changed Red Mushroom to Sakura Bonsai
Changed End Portal Frame to AirCon#2
Changed Web texture
Changed SoulSand (HellSand) block to Gray Wool with Stars
Changed Chiseled Quartzbolck to Kitchen Cabinet (modern style)
Changed Quartzblock with Lines to Aircon#1
Changed Quartz Ore to Wooden Decor Pavement
Changed NetherQuartz to Airvent
Fixed Snow side block alignment
Updated Texture Pack icon and Loading Screen
Texture Issues:
Because Minecraft uses amazing logic of texture mapping, when placing dropper or dispenser to front view the top texture will show Furnace top texture. When placing dispenser or dropper to vertical view all sides show Furnace top texture. This cannot be avoided because Dispenser and Dropper both reuse some Furnace textures...

Aurora texture pack is created mainly by me and my friend Mega. This texture pack is designed to be used in creative mode only. It works fine if you want to use it in survival game but some of the blocks have been replaced to support creativity so it might look a bit weird. The idea was than there is as many "pretty" blocks in the pack which you then can use to build things.
This texture pack also supports "More Paintings mod Extreme Edition".

Blocks that are changed/modified:
> pumpkin was changed to chinese lantern
> dead bush was changed to a normal flower bush
> torch was moded and smoke was removed
> end stone texture was changed to look like hexagon paving
> spider web was changed to metal frame
> lapis lazuli ore was changed to metal block
> diamond ore was changed to concrete block
> redstone ore was changed to chinese decor block
> gold ore was changed to japanese sakura decor block
> coal ore was changed to japanese decor block
> iron ore was changed to rusted metal block
> quartz ore was changed to wooden pavement
> emerald ore was changed to tatami mat block
> mycelium was changed to grass block with dandelions
> netherquartz was changed to airvent
> quartzblock with lines was changed to aircon#1
> end frame portal was changed to aircon#2
> dispenser was changed to refrigerator part#1
> dropper was changed to refrigerator part#2
> quartzblock chiseled was changed to kitchen cabinet
> red mushroom was changed to sakura bonsai
> mossy stonebrick was changed to sand road
> cracked stonebrick was changed to decorative pavement
> soulsand was changed to gray wool with stars

Note again that this texture pack is primarily designed for creative mode, thus I did not care to create items like tools and food and other things, since they are not needed when you are using creative mode. The only thing that this texture pack represents is the terrain.png and menu items. If you like the terrain textures but also want to have pretty looking tools, skins and other things feel free to do that, it's you choice =)

Please note, this texture pack at the moment contains water and lava borrowed from another texture pack, I do not know the name of the original developer as I did not take them from original source but rather from other mix pack, I apologize for borrowing it without the permission of the original developer and I will replace it as soon as I can understand the logic behind the way animations in MC work... So please do not be angry, If you are reading this and you are the original developer and you do not want to see these textures in this pack please contact me and I will remove them.

Distribution of the texture pack and it's mods:
> You are free to distribute this texture pack anywhere on the web as long as you mention the original name, me and put a link to this page.
> You are free to mod this texture pack in any way you like as long as you share it with the rest of the community and have me credited, you should also put a link to this page as reference to the original pack.

You can use Optifine or MCPatcher to enable HD textures in your game, Optifine is a preferred choice though.


Dakimakura expansion pack
If you like anime and manga you can download this expansion pack which will transform your ordinary beds into dakimakura styled beds :)
Download here -
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DanialGans Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
can u make it for 1.7?
KawaiiPetiteEden Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um excuse me, sorry for the bother. I just downloaded this for my upcomming Minecraft series and when I put the file in resourcepacks, it doesn't show up, meaning I can't select it to use it in minecraft. I am currently using minecraft 1.6.4 that might be why it won't work, but i've tried everything I can think of. Can you please help me? I understand you don't play Minecraft anymore, but I really love this texture pack and would love to use it!
NickPolyarush Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you tried looking at how to install texturepacks in 1.6.X ? I honestly don't know if they changed something in the way it works in the newer versions. The last version I played didn't even have a folder called 'resourcepacks', so I honestly can't help you here =(
Try googling how to install texture packs in newer versions of minecraft, if it's still even possible :/

Good luck.
DimiFrostAnime Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thx Nice Texture packy u no 
Icheng0 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1. what does dakimakura mean?

2. could you at least give map download?
or if tis not your map give a link to it?
fishtoast Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Student General Artist
and by the way cool texture pack i wants

fishtoast Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Student General Artist
is there a file on mediafire if not can you put one up i can't get to
poggiox Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
i apologize in advance for my english. mcPatcher doesn't solve the problem of water, lava, portal's texture missing. or you use Optifine or you copy 7 .txt files from minecraft.jar\textures\blocks to aurora texture pack zip folder (or whatever name you applied to it)\textures\blocks. this files not exist in aurora texture pack's folder when you download it. This is my personal method...
Ich852 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is awesome i love it!!
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